Tim Peake & Space Boffins at the British Interplanetary Society

I was delighted to be invited to be on the popular “Space Boffins” podcast this month, especially when I found out the other guest was to be the UK’s first ESA astronaut, Tim Peake!

Tim Peake, Ralph Timberlake, Jane MacArthur
Photo credit: Richard Hollingham

We had great fun recording the session together with Ralph Timberlake at the British Interplanetary Society, who celebrate their 80th anniversary this year, where I got to talk about my methane detection experiment, MEDIAN, which will be running as part of the Austrian Space Forum’s Mars analogue mission in Morocco this month.

Tim Peake, Sue Nelson, Ralph Timberlake, Richard Hollingham, Jane MacArthur

Listen to the podcast here.

Tim Peake and myself

Tim then went on to give an evening’s talk at the BIS, about his experiences on the NEEMO mission and other training. He graciously answered audience questions, and then Alistair Scott, President of the BIS, gave him a certificate of honorary membership with the BIS. We were all delighted when he opted to join us in the pub afterwards for more informal continued conversation about the life of an astronaut.

Alistair Scott & Tim Peake