C. V.


Aug 2019 – to datePost-doctoral research associate
Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Manchester
Curation, classification and research of the first UK Antarctic meteorite collection
PI: Dr. K. L. Joy.
Apr-Jun 2019Post-doctoral research associate
School of Geography, Geology and the Environment, University of Leicester
“A fresh look at catastrophic impact-cratering: how do melt-bearing impact deposits form?”
PI: Prof. M. J. Branney, Dr. T. L. Barry. NERC funded.
2014-2018PhD: Pass (no corrections)
Space Research Centre, University of Leicester
“Water Within Impact Terrains on Mars: the NWA 7034 Basaltic Breccia, and Analysing Samples from the Coma of 81P/Wild2”

Techniques: SEM, EPMA, FIB-STEM, Synchrotron XAS, XRD, XRF, FTIR.40Ar-39Ar dating with collaborators.

Supervisory panel: Prof. J. C. Bridges, Dr. S. Baker, Prof. M. J. Branney
Funded by the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

2012-2014MSc Planetary Science, Distinction, University College London
Project: “Investigation of Martian basaltic breccia meteorite NWA 7034” (80%)
External supervisor: Prof. J. C. Bridges (University of Leicester)
Co-supervisor: Dr. A. D. Fortes (University College London)

Earth & Planetary Materials (92%), Melting & Volcanism (63%), Solar Physics (77%), Earth & Planetary System Science (70%), Physics of the Earth (77%), Planetary Atmospheres (88%).

Fieldwork experience

2018Meteor Crater Field Camp, Arizona.
2017Fieldwork at the Ries impact crater, Germany.
2017Planetary Surface Processes Field Course, 12 days N. Arizona and Utah.
201710 day field trip to Isle of Arran, Scotland (as demonstrator for 1st year undergraduates).
2016Volcanology field trip, Tenerife.
Volcanism, Plate Tectonics, Hydrothermal Vents and Life” summer school, Terceira, Azores.
2015Field Training & Research Program at the Zuni-Bandera Volcanic field, New Mexico. One of six selected (funded).
2013Sudbury Field Camp: Short Course and Field School at the Sudbury Impact Structure, Ontario, Canada. Mapped shatter cone distribution and measurements.
Impacts & their Role in the Evolution of Life”, Nordic Network of Astrobiology, Estonia. Learnt and applied field techniques to Kaali craters. (3.5 ECTS).
Austrian Space Forum’s one month Mars analogue mission in Morocco: member of the Remote Science Support team in the Mission Support Centre, Innsbruck for all experiments. Designed and carried out a methane detection Arduino experiment MEDIAN.
Arctic Science Course by University of Umeå included 6 day field trip to Kiruna, Sweden (4.5 ECTS).

Workshops & skills 

2018Royal Institution Masterclass Speaker Training programme participant.
2017INTERACT: An engagement symposium, Physical Sciences (STFC/IOP/SEPnet)
2017MetSoc workshop: “Martian meteorites under the microscope”, Dr. Irving
2017MetSoc workshop: “Recognising the criteria for ancient impact structures”
2017ImageJ, CT and Avizo workshops at Royal Microscopy Conference & VMSG.
2016Royal Society “Writing about your Research” one day course, STFC bursary
2014Diamond synchrotron XAS workshop, three days’ training.
Diamond synchrotron summer school, including two days on the beam lines.
Planetary Design Workshop and GeoVUsie Symposium at ESTEC
6 week SURE internship at University of Leicester analysing MSL ChemCam data with Dr J. C. Bridges. My work was used in presentations to the ChemCam team.
2012Post-Alpbach workshop: Uranus mission study in selected team of 15, producing an abstract accepted by EGU and LPSC, a poster and a peer-review paper.
Alpbach Summer School, “Design a mission to the outer planets” in international teams of 15. Our team won “Best Science” and “Best Presentation” awards.


Distance learningLiverpool John Moores University: Planetary Geology (91%), Exoplanets (84%), Galaxies (81%). University of Umeå: Arctic Science (90% Pass with Distinction)
DegreeBSc Mathematics (Hons), University of Nottingham
A-levelMathematics (A), Further Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Chemistry(B).  Awarded the Dr South Prize in Mathematics and Physics. Norfolk County Scholar


Jul 2018Wiley Award for outstanding student presentation, at the Meteoritical Society Annual Meeting in Moscow
Jul 2018Early Career Meteoritical Society Travel Award for MetSoc 2018, Moscow
Jul 2018Royal Microscopical Society travel bursary for MetSoc 2018, Moscow
Nov 2017Holloway Bursary for workshop at a Science Festival
Jul 2017VMSG Award for MetSoc 2017, New Mexico.
Apr 2017Whittaker Award for fieldwork at Ries Crater, Germany
Aug 2016Meteoritical Society for MetSoc 2016, Berlin.
Aug 2016COST action: Origins & Evolution of Life in the Universe, summer school, Azores.
Mar 2016Royal Astronomical Society for LPSC 2016.
Sep 2013Royal Astronomical Society for Sudbury Field School.
Jul 2013Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), University of Leicester
Nov 2012ESA scholarship to attend post-Alpbach workshop in Graz for a week.
Sep 2012Royal Astronomical Society and Astrium for MEDIAN.
Sep 2012Europlanet funding to present at the European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC).
Jul 2012UK Space Agency scholarship to attend the Alpbach Summer School, Austria.


Oct 2016 – to dateLeading Astrobiology workshops and tutorial (2nd year undergraduate). Mineralogy (1st year) and Magmatic and Metamorphic processes (2nd year) demonstrating. Field trip to Arran (1st year undergraduate).
Sep 2014 – 2015Leading Physics weekly seminars and associated marking (1st year undergraduate).
Feb 2014Teaching Assistant for the Arctic Science course in Kiruna by University of Umeå.


2011 – to dateSocial Media: Won #MeetESO social media competition for effective engagement and sharing of quality content, 8 people invited to tour the VLT and ALMA telescopes in Chile from the 27 ESON member nations. Sole person invited from the UK.
Part of the team for Lunar Mission One’s successful Kickstarter campaign, and “Friends In Space” app for S. Cristoforetti’s ISS mission.
LPSC 2015 & 2016 microblogger, ran the Twitter account for EPSC 2013. Invited to Farnborough International Airshow 2012 by ESA, selected for the ESA ATV Tweetup and NASA Social for the MAVEN mission.
Print Media: Published on the UK Space Agency website and in their magazine, in the BIS Spaceflight magazine, Popular Astronomy magazine, Mars Society UK website, SGAC newsletter and The Observatory.

Tim Peake Principia mission: On the expert panel for Norwich schools’ ARISS call. Will give 2 presentations in local schools as part of Astrobiology Society of Britain’s STARS (Space TARgets Science) project.

Presentations: National Space Centre Year 12 Careers Conference, London Science Museum, OU Geological Society, UKSEDS conference, UK Space School, Hockerill Anglo-European College.

“I’m A Scientist”: Participated in online chats with schools.

Science Festivals: UKSEDS, Kennedy Space Centre and Ice Worlds outreach stands at the national Big Bang Fair, Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, Diamond synchrotron meteorite stand, and helped at the BBC StarGazing Live BBC Learning event, Norwich.


2019-2022Elected Council member for the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).
2018-2021Finance Committee member for the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS)
2018-2019Co-opted Council member for the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).
2014 –RAS200 Steering Group Member: £1 million education and outreach initiative to ten worthy proposals over the next five years, leading up to 200th anniversary in 2020.
2014-2017Elected Council member for the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS).
2012 –Corresponding member of the British Interplanetary Society Education & Outreach committee. Responsible for World Space Week 2013 in the UK: 71 events compiled (2012: 17), placing the UK in the top 5 most active countries worldwide.
2012-2014UK National Point of Contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).


2017-2018Member of the Royal Microscopical Society.
2017 –Member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA).
2015-2018Member of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland and Special Interest Group: Volcanic & Magmatic Studies Group.
2014 –Member of the Meteoritical Society (MetSoc).
2013-2017Member of the UKSEDS (UK Students for Exploration & Development of Space) Advisory Board.
2013-2016Member of the Remote Science Support team for the Austrian Space Forum.
2012 –Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.
2012 –STEM ambassador.
2011 –Member of the British Interplanetary Society.