Our posters at EGU!

Our first poster on Wednesday evening was from the Mars Analogue mission run in Morocco by the Austrian Space Forum.  Ania Losiak had masterminded a mapping process for our science team which underpinned all the planning for the mission and became our main database of experimental results, as well as being an experiment in itself that we can compare what was planned to what actually happened, which we hope to be able to improve in future analogue missions.

Ania Losiak, our poster and me

Note the toffees stuck to our display board, to encourage people to view
our poster – Ania is an expert at how to attract an audience
(considering there are over 8000 posters displayed during the week)!

On Thursday evening it was time for our post-Alpbach workshop poster, showing our improved Uranus mission and detailed trade study. My team mate Andrea also had her own poster 3 floors away and across the building, so it was convenient for me to present the post-Alpbach poster.

Me, Andrea Maier and Michaela Gitsch, the Alpbach Summer School Director

After the full day at EGU I went to the European Space Policy Institute for evening talks and a reception, where I met a number of people from SGAC.

Friday evening was “Yuri’s Night”, a celebration of Yuri Gagarin’s first spaceflight 52 years earlier, where I was delighted to be reunited with many members of the Austrian Space Forum from the Mars 2013 mission.