Big Bang Fair! – London Excel

The national Big Bang Fair at the London Excel Centre lasts 4 days, in UK Science and Engineering week, and has over 70,000 visitors attend the four day event.  I was helping visitors identify meteorites from Earth rocks and investigate crater sizes by practical demonstrations on the UKSEDS stand, while also doing some shifts with the Kennedy Space Centre stand, where they had air-rockets which could be launched to the ceiling, with safety strings keeping them in place.

Dallas Campbell and me
Jon McBride and me

We met Dallas Campbell, star of Supersized Earth and other documentaries including a particularly great programme about the Voyager spacecraft, as well as shuttle astronaut Jon McBride, who flew as pilot on Challenger for mission STS-41-G back in 1984. He was very gracious about signing autographs for the long lines of young people, excited to meet an astronaut.