Autographica was a weekend event in London, in October 2011. We started with a drinks reception Friday night, followed by a day of speaking with the astronauts, obtaining signatures and attending talks. When I approached Jerry Bostick for his autograph, and handed him a copy of his book, he was stunned that I had obtained a copy and jumped up and hugged me! I got it from here, though I notice it appears to be available on Amazon now.

On Saturday evening we had dinner with Bruce McCandless, who regaled us with many stories and was happy to answer our questions. On Sunday we attended more talks, some for the second time, and chatted with the astronauts when they did not have queues at their tables. A great weekend!

Jerry Bostick
Ed Mitchell
Norman Thagard, Kathryn Thornton,
Bill Oefelein, Tom Jones, Bruce McCandless
Bruce McCandless
Tom Jones