ISSET Astronaut Leadership Experience

Amazing weekend in the Lake District, with the International Space School Educational Trust, Ken Ham (Space Shuttle astronaut, Pilot STS-124, Commander STS-132), Michelle Ham (NASA Astronaut Trainer) and our incredibly helpful guides Chris and Steve, from

Further detailed updates to come, but for now here is my “stepping off the cliff” moment on the first afternoon, on the zip line challenge! Thanks to Peter Andrews for the video.

Some photos from the weekend can be seen here.

Scary large bridge (in much worse weather conditions!)
Photo credit:
Scary mini-bridge
Photo credit: Paula

Ken Ham, me, Michelle Ham, halfway up Via Ferrata
Photo credit: Paula
The top of Via Ferrata!

Photo credit: Paula

My first abseil

Photo credit: Michelle Ham

How to cross water without getting your feet wet (fail!)

Photo credit: Michelle Ham

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